How does 403(b) plan management work?


Get strategic 403(b) advice for an affordable flat-fee.

What they told you was mostly true. Start saving for retirement early and use automatic paycheck deductions to make saving easy and painless. Tax-deferred savings should grow over time, and your nest egg would be there for you when you were ready to retire. But the market—and your needs change, so paying attention and knowing when to make a change is key.

Making deposits without making adjustments means the nest egg may not grow to its full potential. For as little as a dollar a day, Scarborough’s advisors provide strategic 403(b) plan management. Your individual advisor will work closely with you to help optimize your nest egg, no matter how much the market—or your life—changes.

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3.

When you work with Scarborough, getting your retirement savings plan on track with our 403(b) management services comes down to three simple steps

Step 1:
Make it Easy

  • You get the advantage of personalized strategic advice from your individual Scarborough advisor
  • You don’t have to move your money out of your existing 403(b) plan
  • All the changes can be made using the tools that your employer has already provided

Step 2:
Make it Personal

  • We build relationships by getting to know you and your current situation
  • We look at the big picture: Your hopes, goals and risk tolerance
  • Then, we develop your unique, personalized investment strategy

Step 3:
Get More Out of Your 403(b)

  • We assess your individual investment tolerance and retirement goals to determine how much you can save and how you should put those dollars to work
  • We monitor your progress and rebalance it regularly as your needs change
  • Best of all, you get unlimited access to your personal advisor