Would you know what to do if your company offered a pension plan buyout?

You’ve heard it before—another major corporation is revealing their pension buyout initiatives. Once perceived as the stable, secure constant of the large employer-employee relationship, pensions, under increasing pressure, continue their transition into near extinction. Changes in a company’s pension plan call for a thorough analysis of what option is right for each individual based on a number of different factors. Call us today for a personal pension analysis.

personal pension analysis

An actionable plan and a sigh of relief: the process.

1. We consider your entire financial picture.

Pension buyouts connect with many aspects of your finances and require major decisions. Yes, they’re complicated. We help assess your specific offer within the context of your entire situation, so you can evaluate the trade-offs that may exist and how they integrate into both your future retirement goals and current needs.

2. We outline your options with objectivity.

Our Personal Pension Analysis looks at your situation objectively, considers the various factors that could impact your decision—both today and in the future—and presents them to you in an easy-to-understand customized report.

3. You’re paired with a dedicated professional.

Your dedicated Scarborough advisor explains your options and answers all of your questions.