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For over 30 years, we’ve been helping our clients make smarter financial decisions. Learn how we can help you work towards your financial goals.

True Advice…Not Sales Pitches

If you work with a large brand name firm, you may get pulled in by the slick advertising.  But behind it, there is often a business model that is built around selling you products.  This creates a conflict of interest between what is best for you, and what is best for them.

At Scarborough Capital Management, we’re different.  We act in your best interest, which means we put your interests in front of ours, always.

In addition, we are completely independent. That means we’re not pressured by a corporate office to sell their products, which usually carry higher fees.  Instead, we analyze investment options using a multitude of criteria then recommend options we think will work best for you and your goals.

Driven By Smart Technology  

You are busy and your time is valuable.  To make things convenient, we’ll meet with you by phone or virtual conference (or in person if you prefer).  But the choice is yours so your time is used most efficiently.

We also use up-to-date technology so you can save time finding information.  You’ll have access to an online secure dashboard where your financial information will be summarized for you.  Everything you need to know is within quick reach.

Or if you have more questions, your SCM personal financial advisor is only a quick email or phone call away.

Keeping your Money Safe

Choosing the right advisor is just part of it.  It’s also vital to know that your funds will be safeguarded.  To ensure your money is safe, your financial advisor shouldn’t hold it.

Instead, you are best served by having your money managed by your advisor but physically held by a well-known, independent custodian.  This way, your advisor can access your accounts to help buy and sell investments based on your authorization, but they can’t withdraw any funds.

With an independent custodian, you get several benefits:

  • You will get reporting from a second source. This way you can always double check that you are getting accurate information from your financial advisor.
  • You will also have insurance and the security systems of a very large corporation that is in the business of safeguarding funds.

At Scarborough Capital Management, we partner with Charles Schwab.  Schwab has served independent advisors like ours for over 30 years:

  • Schwab holds over $3.45 trillion in client assets*
  • Serves over 7,500 independent advisory firms*

*As of Jan.31, 2018 per aboutschwab.com website  

We act in your best interest, which means we put your interests in front of ours.

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