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On the road to financial freedom, we all have to start somewhere.  For most people, it starts with your workplace retirement plan.

But many financial advisors won’t help you with that.  Or they might only after you’ve built up large balances outside of your retirement accounts.

We think that’s backwards…since most people should build savings first in your retirement account, where you get the most tax benefits.

That’s why at Scarborough Capital Management, we do things differently:

  • We’ll provide full-service help for your retirement account, for an affordable fee.
  • Then we’re ready to provide full financial planning and/or investment management when you need it.
  • You simply add on other services when you’re ready.
  • No pressure, no hidden fees, and no confusing jargon.

That way, you get more of what you want from a financial advisor…and a lot less of what you don’t. 

We’re planners at heart.

At many firms, investments are the primary focus and they will provide financial planning on request.  We think that’s backwards.  After all, your investments should simply support your dreams and shouldn’t be an end in themselves.

That’s why everything we do revolves around planning with your best interest at the core.   That way, you’re not working toward achieving a specific number…you’re working toward living your best life.

We love technology.

The right technology can make staying on top of your money much more pleasant.  So at Scarborough Capital Management, we use a hand-picked group of great technology tools, so you can have all of your information at your fingertips.  This helps you feel more in control of your money.

We also use technology to help you get financial advice where and when you want it.  No more driving back and forth to talk to us at our office (unless, of course, you want to!). Instead, you simply schedule an appointment at a convenient time and meet us online, using the phone or online video conferencing and screen-sharing.

We believe in transparency.

Many financial planners and financial advisors have confusing or even hidden fees. You may not know how much you are paying for their services and you might end up with a surprise bill you didn’t expect.

We don’t like that approach. We all prefer to know exactly how much something costs.

So at Scarborough Capital Management, we have straightforward fees with no surprises. You will always know exactly how much a service will cost before you sign up.

All services include unlimited support from your advisor. You’ll never get a “surprise bill” –ever. So you can feel comfortable calling or emailing us anytime you could use some advice.

That makes getting the financial help you need simple.

Learn more about our No Surprises Fee Policy.

We are planners at heart with your best interest at the center of everything we do.

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